The Latest Sunset Point 2/2

Picture 3
. Cape Hamelin, the Latest Sunset Point to New Year's Eves

Software programs exists, with which these shadows can be represented (for example GeoClock, Arlington, VA). The Latest Sunset Point LSP is that point of a continent which the line of the shadow of the earth reaches last. Because the spin axis of the earth 'commutes' in the course of a year, the shade line also changes daily. Every day of the year has his own LSP. The Latest Sunset Point wanders on the south hemispher from December 21st (solstice) to the north. The most northern point is reached on June 21st. After this the LSP runs back to his most southern point again.

Australias the most southern LSP (Picture 2 and 3) is the Cape Hamelin (34° 16' S; 115° 02' E), 44 km south of Cowaramup Bay. The most northern point (Picture 4) lies at the Ningaloo Reef (21° 58' S; 113° 55' E). The Picture 5 shows the move of the LSP at the west coast of Australia in the course of a year. The coast form is responsible for this, that it jumps from cape to cape.

Picture 5 . Move of the LSP


Sunset at Hamelin Island 22-12-1999

The problem is solved, one could mean it. But far from it! Where lies the LSP on other continents and how does it move? When and where can we see the earliest sunrise and how does thes point walk with the season? How does the ‚Staircase to the Moon' work which one can experience in Broome? The full moon is mirrored at low tide in the broad mudflats. Where and when can we also see this except for Broome? However, at these only apparently difficult problems the most beautiful ist: They are soluble! Please, write to me if you have such interesting questions:

For the next New Year's Eves party of Keith I have an interesting suggestion: Of course the latest and final sunset of the year at 19:34 hours at the Cowaramup Bay arouses the wish to the earliest and first sunrise of the new year. You can watch this sunrise on January 1st at 5:42 hour at the Cape Howe lighthouse, Picture 6.

Picture 6 . Earliest sunrise to New Year

Who is able to bridge the 3.150 kilometers in 9 hours? Technically this isn't a problem. This would be a really interesting night of New Year's Eve ... or ?!

Jürgen Albrecht, January 19th 2002